Split PST File into Smaller Parts

Split Large Sized PST File into Smaller Parts

Are you coming across complications connected to large sized PST file?

Large sized PST file may cause serious problems like may affect Outlook’s performance, may bring Outlook damage etc. Before it is too late, you are recommended to take quick action and cut large sized PST file into smaller parts. This will remove the complications and allow you to operate PST file with ease. Split of PST is important to save data from being corrupt. For managing the situation, you are recommended to divide large sized PST file into several small potions as early as possible.

PST file has allotted file size like 2 GB for ANSI PST file and 20 to 50 GB for Unicode PST files. As soon as the file size exceeds this limit, you may come across several challenges.

Way to Split PST File:
Now, if you split PST file into small parts for example, 2 GB file into 4 parts each of 500 MB then file management become easier. This will lead to avoid severe corruption like serious scenarios.

There is no free in-built facility in Outlook that can split PST file but users can go for Archive feature or Import & Export feature of MS Outlook. Microsoft Outlook offers the facility for moving folder feature into mailbox content beginning from one file and then with other PST file.

There are 3 methods to split Outlook PST file↓↓

Method 1: Archive Feature

  • First of all Launch MS Outlook.
    Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Then click File tab and select PST file or account to split. (List will be scrolled down)
    Select PST File
  • Go to Info » Cleanup Tools » Archive.
    PST Archive Option
  • Then Archive dialog box will appear, select Archive this folder and all subfolders.
    Select the folder/account which you want to split.
    Select date (Archive items older than) from where you want to split items.
    Click on “Browse” button to select Archive file destination path.
    PST Folder Archive Option
  • In the Final step, click “Ok“.

This leads to create new PST file and reduce the size of Outlook PST file.

Method 2: Import & Export Features

  • First of all Launch MS Outlook
  • Go to File » Open » Import.
    MS Outlook Import and Export Option
  • Above action will open “Import & Export Wizard
    Click on “Export to a file” » “Next“.
    Import and Export Wizard
  • Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” » “Next
    Export Outlook Data File
  • In this step, select single or multiple folder to export/split and click “Next“.
    Export Outlook Data File
  • Now, choose file Name and select Destination path.
    You will also have 3 options to manage PST file:
    1. Replace duplicates with items exported.
    2. Allow duplicate items to be created.
    3. Do not export duplicate items.
    Click “Finish“.
    Export PST Final Step
    Secure Outlook PST with Password if required and click “Ok“.
    PST Password

This action will export selected folder(s) by creating new PST file. By using this method you can easily divide large sized PST file according to folder.

Method 3: Third Party Solution.

If you do not want to go with manual method because of time then, try to avoid the manual method and look for some other solution. PST Converter software supports splitting PST file into many PST files. Due to this feature in the tool, it is sometimes also called PST Splitter tool.

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